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Chinese Astrology and the Chinese Zodiac!

The calculator provided here gives an easy to use, quick reference lookup over the range of a week using the birth date of the bride and groom. Numerology using date of birth against a calendar date provides 3 numbers. The most important of the 3, which has the greatest influence on any date, is the Personal Year number. The 2nd number and of next greatest influence is the Personal Month number. Finally there is the Personal Day number, which has the least influence.

It's always the small details that make the biggest difference so the personal day is most applicable when choosing a wedding date. Even though it is of least significance in numerology it is the number you should pay most attention to. Tarot can give excellent insights into relationships and future event planning. The numbers are listed below in order for quickly referencing their significance when using the numerology wedding calculator on the right.

A personal year, month or day of 1 is a number of beginnings, new starts. People in a 1 personal year, month or day have a tendency to be a bit self absorbed. Ambition is a key element of this number. The number 1 does however remain a good number for a wedding date as it indicates a start and a commitment to the new life. A personal year, month or day of 2 is a number of unions, balance and diplomacy which makes it ideally suited to the taking of vows, signing of contacts, entering into a long and fruitful union.

The number 2 is the opposite to the number 1 in that it ignores self interests and ambition to work with others to create harmony, productivity and creativity. A personal year, month or day of 3 is a number of joy, happiness, social gatherings, self expression and creativity.

A 3 personal day is the best day for a happy social gathering of friends. A wedding on this day would be a successful social event that would be joyful and memorable. A personal year, month or day of 4 is a number of restrictions, hard work, setbacks and is considered unlucky in east asian cultures. Stay at a hotel in China or Korea and you will find no 4th floor and usually no 13th either. The number 4 can however symbolise very strong foundations and security. In Tarot the cards numbered 4 are mostly good omens. The 4 of wands has one traditional intepretation of a future wedding. A personal year, month or day of 5 is a number of freedom, travel, changes, the un-exepected and sensual pleasures.

It is not a number for settling down or entering into a union that sacrifices freedom. It is a number of sexual attraction, a good number if you are looking to meet someone new but not for creating a bond with someone you are already with. In Tarot's Minor Arcana the 5's are traditionally bad cards to draw. The number 5 is a very unstable number. A personal year, month or day of 6 is a number of family, responsibility and the home.

Of all the numbers in numerology this number is the most auspicious number for creating a home with someone, settling down and perhaps having a family too if that is important to you. Try to have a 6 in the personal date numbers of both the bride and groom when picking a date for a wedding.

A personal year, month or day of 7 is a number of rest, introspection and is the spiritual number. If you are entering into marriage with some emphasis on religious or spiritual significance then 7 may be a good number for you.

Tarot card reading for 2020

Otherwise it should be treated as a day of rest, a day to think ahead, look before you leap and not act. A personal year, month or day of 8 is a number of wealth, power, fertility and good luck. In east asia 8 is considered very lucky. It represents the infinite in it's shape.

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